The 5 Best Countries To Live As A Digital Nomad

Published on 08/19/2021

These days it’s becoming a lot easier to be a “digital nomad” and live in complete paradise. The world is connected in so many ways which means we no longer need to tie ourselves down to one country or even city. More and more people adopting the digital nomad lifestyle as it gives them the freedom of living wherever they want, all they basically need is a laptop and good WIFI. There is an abundance of destinations around the globe that allows people to work and explore the world. Keep reading to see what the 5 best countries are for digital nomads.

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The 5 Best Countries To Live As A Digital Nomad


With gorgeous weather all year round, it’s no wonder Spain is becoming increasingly popular for so many ex-pats and digital nomads. With so many cities rich in history, delicious food, vibrant cultures, and a relatively low cost of living, it makes perfect sense as to why Spain is every expat’s dream. Additionally, Spain has an excellent transportation system, charming small towns, and stunning beaches. The co-working spaces are plentiful but if you prefer to work at a cafe’ there is no shortage of those either.


Belgrade, the capital of Serbia is truly one of the most underrated cities in Europe. The city has a unique vibe and is considered to be one of the friendliest digital nomad destinations. Not many people are aware, but the beautiful city has numerous coworking spaces, excellent internet coverage, great nightlife, and many welcoming locals. Belgrade is the perfect blend of entertainment, culture, food, and rich history.


Digital nomads looking for one of the best cultural hubs, Argentina is really the place you should consider. Whether you want to explore Buenos Aires, Salta, or Mendoza, it doesn’t really matter as each and every city is very welcoming to entrepreneurs and freelancers. In addition, to that its culture, natural beauty, and tons of amazing history is definitely something you will easily fall in love with while living in this beautiful country,  The average cost of living is extremely affordable too. Expats who have lived here have said that Argentina will certainly teach you how to become laidback and enjoy life.


If you’re looking to escape the western world, then let us explain why Thailand is so popular for so many working ex-pats. Firstly, it is one of the cheapest places for digital nomads to live and accommodation is pretty easy to find. Of course, the amazing culture, ancient architecture, and incredible food are just some of the other great reasons that attract foreigners. There is a variety of different places to choose from and no one says you need to pick just one, from Bangkok to Koh Samui or even Phuket, you’re guaranteed to have the time of your life! And don’t worry, you’ll have strong Wi-Fi wherever you go.


Australia is known for its beautiful, warm climate. And with warm temperatures come friendly and welcoming people too, which is why it is a great pick for ex-pats. Australians have an active, health-conscious yet laidback lifestyle which is also a super opportunity for people looking to improve their mental and physical wellbeing. Of course, this can also be done while in the midst of making a good living. Did we mention that Australia is an amazing place to take a few short getaways? Even though the price of living can sometimes be high, the quality of life is beyond superior.