Smart Ways To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Published on 11/10/2020

Are you looking to make your home more eco-friendly, but not exactly sure how to go about it? Well, good thing today’s topic is all about the best and brilliant ways to make your home environmentally friendly. Not everyone understands that there are actually plenty of techniques that can be used in order to make your home more eco-friendly without being uncomfortable in your own space. Check out some of the best, sustainable house ideas that will instantly make your home green

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Smart Ways To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Install Solar Panels

For people who are looking to really have the ultimate eco-friendly home, solar panels are exactly what you need! Firstly, this is a great way to save energy as well as get completely clean energy from the sun. Solar panels are not only a long-term investment that is highly recommended but studies have additionally shown that this electricity is a much healthier alternative especially for families with young kids.

Skip The Dryer When Possible

During the summer and warmer months, this idea is definitely a no brainer. It would really be a shame not to air-dry your clothes on a drying rack. Not only is it better for your clothes to skip the dryer but you’ll also be saving so much electricity and energy. For people who don’t have a balcony or garden, you can easily install a simple line close to a window in your home that gets a lot of sun to help the clothes dry quicker. A natural option is always better than one that requires a lot of money, energy, and electricity, don’t you agree?

Switch To LED Light Bulbs

This next piece of advice is one of the easiest ways to make your home eco0friendly. Not only will you use less electricity but your home will instantly become green. All you need to do is invest in the correct lighting – LED light bulbs are now the way to go! Not only do they last longer, will help you save money but are will make a huge difference in your home. Compared to traditional light bulbs LED lighting has the potential to positively change the future.

Create Your Own Compost

Many people are really surprised to know that all their waste and leftovers can actually be put to good use. Instead of throwing all your food waste products out, it can be recycled and then turned into compost. This will give you the perfect, free fertilizer which you can then use for all your plants. Wasting your kitchen scraps and leftover foods are now a thing of the past. Simply, place a compost bin just outside of your kitchen or in your garden and every few days fill it with any food waste you have accumulated.

Wash Your Clothes In Cold Water

Believe it or not but 90% of the energy that is used by a washing machine goes towards heating water. This is why we suggest that you skip the use of warm or hot water when using the washing machine and rather opt for the cold water setting. Additionally, hot water can actually deteriorate the fabric of your clothes and make your colorful clothes appear a lot less vibrant. Unless you’re dealing with tough stains on your clothes, there’s really no point in running your washing machine on the hot water settings.