The Best Spice Rack Ideas For Your Kitchen

Published on 04/14/2020

Most don’t like to admit that our spice drawers or cabinets are a bit messy! Jumbled spice jars definitely give our counters a cluttered look, but we don’t always have the time to organize them or put them back where they belong.  That’s why we have put together this smart list which includes the best spice rack and organization ideas that will save you time and stress every time you cook.

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The Best Spice Rack Ideas For Your Kitchen

Slide-Out Drawers

The genius is a genius idea. A compact swiveling design is that displays spices at eye-level when you install it on an upper shelf or cabinet. You can purchase different-size units based on the number of bottles you have or need.

Rustic Wall Mounted Spice Rack

Definitely a different kind of idea but may not be everyone first choice. All you need is a chicken-wire rack that you can attach to the back of your pantry door or a kitchen wall. This makes for effortless storage.

Revolving Countertop Spice Rack

If your preference is more about storage that spins, then this design will be great for you. There are many different revolving countertop designs that you can buy, depending on your liking. And most of them include 16 jars.

Magnetic Spice Jars

This idea is becoming very popular lately. You can choose to stick them on your fridge or mount it on a metal plate. It’s a brilliant way to display your most colorful spices front and center.

Glass Test Tube Spice Storage Set

Now, who says test tubes have to stay in the lab? Since the kitchen is similar to the home’s experiment center, this is such a fun and unique way to exhibit all your various spices.  Not to mention that it is definitely modern-day kitchen decor.

Baby Food Jars

This is an excellent DIY project that is so cost-effective, for those of us on a budget. This is proof that you don’t need to spend on expensive jars to organize your spices. Just hold onto those containers your children’s baby food comes in — or ask a parent buddy to keep a few for you. You can get so creative!

Adjustable Drawer Organizer

Has your kitchen drawers become a real mess filled with rolling spice bottles? You should definitely try this quick fix. Very easy to buy the tiered clear, white, or black plastic that expands to fit the exact width of your drawer. Or if you’re feeling adventurous you can construct your own.

Spice Gripper

Designed to hold each individual spice jar and a great way to save space. All you need to do is screw or tape the clips directly to the back of a cabinet door to perfectly secure up to 36 spice containers. This way you can rather use those shelves or drawers to hold other ingredients.