5 Things To Know Before Buying A Pool

Published on 08/01/2019

When looking to buy a pool, there are many important things to know and keep in mind during the whole process. A lot of times, homeowners go into the process when they aren’t prepared which can result in large expenses they hadn’t anticipated or other unplanned complications. Here we’ve compiled a list of things to be aware of when getting into the process of shopping for a pool to make it easier.

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Luxurious Pool

Figure Out The Reason You Want A Pool

Before you start going and finding a builder, first take a minute to think why you want a pool exactly. Do you want a pool to swim laps? Or is a pool your kids will play in? Each use for the pool will require different features or additives, so it’s important to know exactly what you will be using your pool for once you have it.

Is Your Backyard A Good Place For A Pool?

Another thing to be aware of before starting the process of getting a pool is figuring out if the space you want the pool in is adequate for building one. For instance, the type of soil in your backyard can affect the building process of a pool or even not allow it. If your area is prone to earthquakes or mudslides, it’s something to take into consideration as well.

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Curved Pool

Know Your Full Budget

Once you’ve started building your pool, there might be additional costs you weren’t planning for or maybe things you’d like to add to it. At times, people begin the building process without realizing the additional expenses that come with building a pool such as filters, lighting, landscaping, and furniture for the surroundings. For this reason, it’s best for you to sit down and figure out your exact finances and budget for the project including all the additional expenses you will want or need. In addition to this, another thing to keep in mind is future expenses of maintaining and taking care of the pool which can also be costly.

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Backyard Pool

What Will Your Pool Be Made Of?

A factor to take into account is material: What do you want your pool to be made out of? There are three main options: concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl. Concrete is the most expensive option as it can be made into any custom shape and is said to last for the long run. Fiberglass is a quicker option as the container for the pool is made and then placed in the ground in one piece. The downside is that you can’t customize the shape of the pool like you can with concrete. Since fiberglass doesn’t get molded or have as much bacteria as other pools which can save in cleaning costs in the future. Vinyl is the least costly material to make a pool from, but it can be scratched or cut more easily which can cause leaks. Since vinyl is a fabric, it is more prone to algae and bacteria, meaning the maintenance of this pool will run high in costs.

Above Or Below Ground?

This question is more of a personal preference. Each pool has pros and cons, but what matters most is what you’re looking for. With above ground pools, the biggest downside tends to be their inability to last as long as below ground pools. Other than that, their differences are mainly with their cosmetic appearance. Also building an underground pool is much more expensive than an above ground pool.