These Spring Cleaning Hacks Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Published on 08/04/2019
These Spring Cleaning Hacks Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

These Spring Cleaning Hacks Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Spring has finally come, and with it, spring cleaning! We know it feels overwhelming and as if you won’t have the time or energy to get through everything you want to, but bear with us. Instead of attempting to get all your chores done at once in a panic, we’ve gathered some amazing hacks to help you get the cleaning done in an easier and more efficient way.

Top To Bottom

A great system to implement all around the house is the ‘Top to Bottom’ method. The whole idea behind it is to save you time and effort by cleaning rooms in this specific order. Instead of cleaning the room at random, start from the top and make your way down to the floor. This will allow all the dirt and dust to fall down, keeping the surfaces above clean. Once you’re done, all you’ll need to do is sweep!

Make A List

This might be an obvious thing for some, but just in case, we decided to include it. Making a clear list of everything you want to do will help you keep track of everything and not forget anything. Doing so will also help you reduce the overwhelming panic. To top it off, when you mark things off your list, it will feel so great!

Ceiling Fan

One thing that tends to be overlooked while cleaning is the ceiling fan. After a while, it accumulates a lot of dust and dirt. Obviously, that will not be good next time you turn it on. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to clean. All you need is an old pillowcase. Just slide the case over each blade to sweep the dust off and keep it from getting everywhere.

Stainless Steel

Of course, new stainless steel appliances look great while they’re new, but they tend to get stained and dirty over time. To bring them back to their former shine, use some baking soda mixed with water to wipe them down.

Water Stains

Cleaning water stains can be a seriously frustrating thing to do. Washing them off won’t do anything but make them worse. To get rid of them, use a lemon to wipe down the faucets and the stains will disappear!


The best way to clean windows and get them to truly shine, use vinegar on a microfiber cloth. It’s much more effective than Windex. Plus, the microfiber cloth won’t leave any streaks as paper towels do.


Many people don’t think about cleaning their mattress, but it’s a good idea to do so. Over time, they can accumulate bad odors. All you need to do to remedy that is sprinkle baking soda on the mattress and let it sit for 1-4 hours. Then vacuum it and you’re done!


Computer and TV screens seem to always have fingerprints on them no matter how much they’re cleaned. We’ve got your back. Just use a clean coffee filter. Make sure to be gentle and not press on the screen too hard.


If you have hard-to-reach places you want to clean, wrap a towel around a broom and secure it with rubber bands. This will allow you to reach those pesky cobwebs on the ceiling.


We all know dusting can get complicated as it goes just about everywhere. To avoid this issue, use an old (clean) sock to dust with. It will also help you reach smaller places and keep the dust from going everywhere – cotton is great for trapping dust particles.